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Our Employment Services take care of all your hiring and compliance needs 

  • Hiring staff is an important part of your growth journey. However, it is a lot of work when it comes to creating job descriptions, figuring out how to find and attract people to your firm, do background checks, build compensation or benefit plans, do payroll, deducting and depositing appropriate taxes.  All of this while having to comply with all employment regulations that the State wants you to follow. This includes creating employment manuals, posting of appropriate notices, getting the right insurance, pay the appropriate fees.

  • While you are focused on building or growing your business, taking care of these may seem like a big chore since not doing it right can cause hefty fees and loss of productivity, negatively impacting your business.

  • With us being your partner, you never have to worry about these.


  • Payrolling

  • Providing interim bookkeepers and HR professionals

  • Helping you hire Employees & Contractors

  • Setting up your HR department

  • Employee Onboarding & Training

  • Employee Manuals

  • Benefits Administration

  • Workers Comp & Unemployment Insurance

  • Labor Law Compliance

  • Labor Cost Savings

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